We’ve seen some crazy fitness classes in our days, including working out on a surfboard, partaking in spin class in the water, and swinging like a monkey on a trapeze while doing yoga. But fins is definitely a first — mermaid fins, to be exact.

Hotel del Coronado in California just announced the launch of a new Mermaid Fitness class, taking place every Friday at 8 a.m. at their Beach Village pool. The class is taught by the hotel’s fitness instructor Veronica Rohan and entails 45 minutes of  swimming, core, cardio, and strength training — all while wearing a brightly colored mermaid tail.


“It’s circuit training mixed with an ab workout on the side of the pool,” Rohan told Well + Good. “You’ll swim laps to get your heart rate up, and I also included standing stationary movements, like squats and arm exercises with a beach ball.”

$20 covers the class ($15 for San Diego residents and $10 for members), use of a Del mermaid tail, free parking, and towel service. Considering the average $30 cost of a spin class, we’re pretty stoked on this fin-tastic deal. And when else (aside from Halloween) is it completely acceptable to act like Ariel? Just remember, get there a few minutes early so you can score your favorite tail color. #priorities

xx, The FabFitFun Team