How you start each day matters, and early mornings call for caffeine. Whatever morning brew you choose, Keurig’s single-serving capsules make getting your daily cup of joe a lot easier. Just insert the cup, close the lid, press a button, and enjoy!

Plus, there are so many irresistible flavors to choose from. So to help narrow down your search, we’re sharing 10 K-Cups you need in your pantry below.

My K-Cup Universal Reusable Coffee Filter $14.99

This reusable coffee filter lets you brew single-servings of coffee using whatever ground you want, and it’s an excellent way to cut down on your personal carbon footprint.

San Francisco Bay OneCup French Vanilla $34.99

Straight from California, this fully compostable and biodegradable coffee pod is top-rated for a reason.

Bulletproof The Original Medium Roast $12.99

Bulletproof coffee is guaranteed to be mold-free, and it’s a must-try for holistic health fans.

BareOrganics Beauty Tea With Superfoods $12.99

Beauty lovers will appreciate this probiotic-boosted tea made from superfoods like grapeseed, gingko, and rosehip.

Vitacup Best Seller Sampler $7

This sample pack features four specialized blends for probiotics, beauty, slimming down, and focus.

The Original Donut Shop Coffee $11.62

This medium roast coffee pairs perfectly with a dash of almond milk creamer.

Urban Tee Farm Luke’s Diner Coffee $24.99

Eat your breakfast and drink it too! This tasty blend will satisfy every taste bud.

Bones Coffee Strawberry Cheesecake Bones Cups $24.99

Strawberry cheesecake coffee? Yes, please.

Thrive Greenway CBD Coffee $27.99

CBD-infused coffee is known for its ability to fend off caffeine jitters, so why not give it a try?

Green Mountain Coffee Wild Mountain Blueberry Coffee $11.99

This light roast blend is infused with hints of wild blueberry to deliver a unique, fruity sweetness.

xx, The FabFitFun Team