From the heat of summer to the crisp fall air, the change of season can wreak havoc on your skin. But what if we told you that one product could solve most of your skin’s woes?

Meet the Immunocologie Hyaluronic Serum: a soothing, quickly-absorbing, and deeply-hydrating serum that hydrates skin while calming inflammation and soothing fine lines — it’s no wonder everyone’s been obsessed with this serum!

Still not convinced? Here are four reasons why you need to add this serum to your skin care routine stat.

Major moisture boost
Hyaluronic acid is this serum’s magic ingredient (hence, the name). The dual-weighted hyaluronic acid molecule pulls water from outside and inside your body to give your skin an intense moisture lift.

Soothe and de-puff
This serum is packed with anti-inflammatory properties that soothe irritation. Simply apply this to your face and neck in the morning and evening to reveal a plumper and firmer complexion. If you have normal or dry skin, follow with the Day Protection or Night Protection, and if you have oily skin, you can wear the serum alone.

Healthy-looking skin
Developed over 10 years by one of the world’s leading skin care chemists, Immunocologie’s Vital Oligo Science is the key to the serum’s deeply hydrating results. Leveraging minerals sourced from French green clay, this unique technology features a micro-encapsulation that makes sure the serum doesn’t just sit on the skin’s surface and that all the nutrients found in the product are effectively metabolized.

Extract-ly what you need
As if this serum wasn’t already chock-full of skin-nourishing ingredients, it also contains extracts from the leaves of the African desert date tree, which helps hydrate and enhance collagen production.

xx, The FabFitFun Team