Who better than Pinterest to predict the top trends every year? If you didn’t know, Pinterest collects extensive data surrounding search and save patterns and compiles the emerging trends into categories like style, beauty, and home décor for the Pinterest 100.

And because FabFitFun is all about delivering the latest trends straight to your doorstep, it only made sense for us to bring these trends to life with the FabFitFun x Pinterest 100 Box. Pretty cool, right?

From lip tints and hair health to trivia night and Korean condiments, we’re sharing the coolest trends you need to try. Click here to get your hands on the limited edition box or use code PIN100 at


Cleansing Oils: Kopari Coconut Multitasking Kit

Glow, girl, glow! Hydrate from head to toe with the Coconut Melt, Coconut Sheer Oil, Coconut Balm, and Coconut Body Glow. All of Kopari’s products are made from 100 percent pure, organic coconut oil and the safest ingredients (that means no sulfates, silicones, parabens, or GMOs!).

Lashes: tarte lifted sweatproof mascara

Fluttery and perky lashes, anyone? Apply tarte’s sweatproof mascara for a volumizing boost. The budge-proof formula will withstand all of your trips to the pool, beach, and even your workout class.

Lip Tints: LORAC PRO Matte Lip Color

Finally, a lippie that feels good on the lips and will last all day. Plus, vitamins C and E ensure your lips are nourished and protected. Now go ahead – blow ‘em a kiss!

Mixed Metals: B-low the belt Studded Clutch

The beautiful metal hardware along the flap keeps the clutch edgy while adding a subtle splash of color. The best part? It’s spot on with the mixed metals trend. Très chic!

Long Layers: Summer & Rose Ombré Scarf

Inspired by summer, this stylish and functional scarf features an ombré design and frayed ends for an effortless beach babe look.

Trivia Night: Talking Tables Dipstick Charades

Whether it’s family game night or a girls’ night in, there’s nothing like a little friendly competition. Pop open the Talking Tables Dipstick Charades and put your acting skills to the test.

Hair Health: R+Co ACID WASH ACV Cleansing Rinse

The secret to effortless waves and healthy locks? Apple cider vinegar hair rinse. It’s chock-full of apple fruit extract to protect, soothe, moisturize, and strengthen hair, aloe vera juice to help hair retain moisture, and tamanu seed oil to seal in moisture and restore vitality.

Travel Journals: The Jetset Diaries Passport Case + Luggage Tag Duo

Jetset in style with the cutest passport case and luggage tag duo. It features a cheeky message to complement all of your travel outfits. Plus, travel journals are all the rage right now, giving you more of an excuse to take that vay-k.

Sage: Pier 1 Imports Sage Vase

Sage is your new home décor BFF. Incorporate the pastel shade into different parts of your home, starting with this Pier 1 Imports ceramic vase. It will soften up your space while adding character.

Korean Condiments: K POP Foods Sea Snacks

From barbecue to snacks, there’s no denyingKorea knows a thing or two about tasty bites. Try dried seaweed as a healthy vegan alternative to chips (it’s both salty and crispy!).

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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