Seeing holiday decorations strung up in departments stores even before Halloween might make your eyes roll. But it’s a good reminder to start saving for holiday shopping!

By changing a habit or two and putting your savings somewhere safe, you won’t have to go into debt as you gift everyone on your list this year. Follow these tips to easily save some money!

Set Aside Money as Soon as You’re Paid
Commit to saving a certain amount as soon as your direct deposit comes in. Whether it’s a percentage or dollar amount, transfer it into a savings account or take it out in cash and stuff it in a jar — whatever works! To put it in perspective: If you set aside $20 a week from now until the holidays, you’ll have over $300 saved!

Limit the Lattes
It’s a tough habit to break when a hot cup o’ joe is part of your daily routine. But if you brew your own coffee and stash the $3 a day you usually spend at the drive-thru, you can save over $200 by December 25. If you can’t quit cold turkey, limit your takeaway lattes to once a week — make it a Monday morning pick-me-up, or a Friday treat after a long work week.

Budget Yourself With Cash
We all know that packing lunch is cheaper than buying lunch on your break, but we know that convenience is king (especially when groceries are low). So withdraw a certain amount of cash each pay day (like $30) and make it stretch until your next paycheck.

Get a Side Gig
If you’re too overbooked to commit to a second job, there are plenty of other ways to make money that are less committal. Babysitting, pet sitting, or house sitting are great gigs to pick up when your schedule allows. You can also drive for Uber, or score some paid blogging or survey-taking gigs to make money right from home. (This list from The Penny Hoarder compiles 50 unconventional ways to make some extra dough.)

Keep the Change
In a world of credit cards, it may feel strange to convert to cash. But if you buy everything with bills and save all the change, you’ll be shocked at how quickly it can add up. Also, when you use tangible money rather than swipe your card, it’s more likely you’ll spend less money.

Start Shopping Now
If you spot something you know your BFF would love while you’re out on errands, scoop it up! The key here is to keep track of who you’ve gotten gifts for so you don’t double-buy. If you spend money gradually, you won’t have to worry about making a huge dent in your checking account come December.

xx, The FabFitFun Team