Your Guide to Planning the Perfect Living Room Picnic


While your idea of a picnic probably involves sitting outside in the sun with your friends, you can still enjoy the novelty of this warm-weather activity from the confines of your own home.

All you need are a few key items to set the scene, some tasty food and drink options, and the mindset that one day soon, you’ll be able to have a real picnic again.

What to Bring

The key to a successful picnic is using items that will provide a comfortable seating area and keep your food fresh!

Business & Pleasure Co.™ Cooler Bag

Tote your food and drinks to the perfect picnic spot (or from the kitchen to the living room) in style with this sunny yellow lunch bag, which will keep everything cool and make it easy to carry.

Odeme Silicone Wine Glasses

Don’t forget picnic-friendly wine glasses. These silicone ones (from the Summer 2019 Box) are durable and way more fun than red Solo Cups.

L*SPACE Tie Dye Towel

 Whether you’re in your backyard or on your living room floor, this tie-dye towel works great to sit on. Plus, the bold, colorful pattern is sure to brighten your day.

Yumi Kim Wireless Charging Pad

It’s great to set the mood with your favorite upbeat playlist, but be sure to bring along this wireless charging pad so you don’t get caught with a dead phone.

What to Make 

The best picnics include light snacks that are easy to make and even easier to serve up on the go. Plus, you can’t forget a cold beverage. Below are three recipes perfect for picnicking (or enjoying any time the weather is warm).

Oil-Free Hummus

Light, healthy, and tasty to dip just about anything into, this oil-free hummus is the ultimate versatile picnic dish. And the leftovers will save well to use for a later time.


The ultimate summer beverage, frosé is cool, refreshing, and delicious. Grab your favorite bottle of rosé, some frozen fruit, a little sugar for added sweetness, and blend it all together.


No matter your vegetable preferences, these salad-making tips from a food stylist will ensure your dish has the perfect combination of textures, shapes, sweetness, saltiness, crunch, and acidity.

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