A bath is so much more than just sitting in warm water…especially for those of us who live in colder states. It’s an experience — one that should be savored and eagerly anticipated.

So when we heard that there’s such a thing as a professional bath barista (yes, for real!), we clamored to get in touch with one and learn more about the art of drawing the perfect bath. We spoke with Tricia Avery, who puts together exquisite, luxurious bath experiences for her clients at the Madeline Hotel & Spa in Telluride, Colorado, to learn more.

Don’t use too much soap. Yes, you read that right. “You want to create a bath routine that’s easy to replicate day in and day out,” Avery told us. “Using bubbles and soap will mean you have to clean the tub more often than if you just use water-soluble salts.” While we can’t promise we’ll ditch our dreams of a bubbly bath anytime soon, salts are easier to clean and highly therapeutic — and it doesn’t hurt they look gorgeous when organized in glass bottles.

Use a mesh bag to house your salts. That way, you won’t hurt your behind when you sit down on the bottom of the tub and land on a pile of salt crystals. “At the Madeline, we put them in a pretty gold mesh bag and just let it slosh around in the tub and infuse.” Plus, how cute would that be for your next weekend DIY?

Start the water off really hot and slowly add cold water. Do that until you get the right temperature and not the other way around. The water’s bound to cool off quickly, so start things off as hot as you can bear it. “That base of hot water also allows for the salts and other add-ons to really dissolve and get into the water,” Avery reminded us. “It’s like making tea!”

Have everything prepared beforehand. A towel, a face cloth, a facial cleanser, a mask, your salts, a book, a cup of tea…whatever you’ll require, have it on hand before the bath even begins to avoid a long, frigid trek across the room later on. “You want to make this an event,” added Avery. “You want to have everything you need right there with you so you can just enjoy yourself.” Whether you choose to set it up on a small stool next to the bath or invest in a bath caddy, do yourself a favor and prep, prep, prep.

Add the fun stuff. Champagne? Check. Way too many candles? Check. Your journal and a pink pen? Check and check. As Avery told us, “Just have fun with it. That’s all that matters!”

xx, The FabFitFun Team