It’s not really Halloween until you break out some seriously spook-tacular nail art.

We know All Hallows’ Eve colors aren’t the most fashionable shades to work with (we’re talking about you, orange), but we put together the chicest nail tutorial ever. Check out the step by step below, including a pretty awesome glitter hack we just discovered:

Orange nail polish
Yellow nail polish
Glitter nail polish
Black nail polish
Makeup sponge
Nail polish remover

IMG_0445Step 1: Paint your base color orange and let it dry overnight.

IMG_0454Step 2: Cut off a piece of tape (make sure one side is even) and tape off your nails of choice. Then paint the untaped half with another color.

paintingspongeStep 3: While you wait for the painted halves to dry, apply the glitter nail polish to the edge of your makeup sponge.

dabbingspongeStep 4: Dab the sponge onto your nail.

glitterstripStep 5: Once dry, slowly peel off the tape from the painted halves. Then add a sliver of glitter under a painted half by painting a strip onto your makeup sponge. Apply the sponge carefully.


xx, The FabFitFun Team