Photos courtesy of GrubHub

Food is a crucial part of our lives — and not only because it nourishes us. We eat specific types of food dependent on our mood, whether we’re going through a breakup, witnessing a world event, or even just looking to try the trendiest dish of the moment.

Curious to see which foods Americans ordered in the most this past year? GrubHub released a list of the most popular orders of 2016. Check out some of the highlights below:

Each city’s most ordered dish:Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 11.20.45 AM

Most popular orders during major events:

  • January 12 marked President Obama’s last State of the Union address, and people celebrated with the ever patriotic clam chowder dish.
  • February 7 was the day of the Super Bowl 50, and not surprisingly, wings orders increased by 97%.
  • April 21 was when Prince passed away, and people showed their respect by ordering foods with “purple” in the name — it increased by 145 precent.
  • August 9 was a celebratory day for the U.S. women’s gymnastics team as they won gold. And, apparently, we ate a significant amount of beef brisket in celebration.
  • September 26 was the date of the first presidential debate, and the consumption of bean and cheese burritos won by a landslide.

But which dishes were the most popular overall? Mac and cheese, chicken and waffles, Tonkotsu ramen, southern fried chicken, and oxtail. Yum!

What was your favorite dish of 2016? Let us know in the comments below!

xx, The FabFitFun Team