Did you just have the worst day of all time at work? Are you recovering from a bad break up? (Losing you was obviously the worst mistake of his life, by the way.) Are you so stressed that you “just can’t even” right now? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to immediately dive into one of these workouts to release that anger in a healthy way:

Slam a medicine ball. Repeatedly.
Squat down, pick up a medicine ball, stand up, and hoist the medicine ball overhead. Then, as hard as you can, throw the ball down on the ground. Repeat several times (until you’re no longer engraged). Not only will you feel better afterwards, but those squats will also make your butt look even more fabulous than it already does. #Winning

Sign up for a big race.
Has training for a half marathon been on your bucket list for a while? Running farther than you ever thought possible will give you such an endorphin boost that your ex-boyfriend’s face will become a distant memory.

Do some burpees (yikes).
When all else fails, push your body to its limit by doing burpees until you’re sufficiently tired out. What’s a burpee, you ask? Squat down,and place your hands on the ground in front of you. Jump backwards with both of your feet so that you are in a position as if you’re going to do a push up. Then, do one push up. Jump your feet back towards your hands. Stand up and jump up. Repeat until your anger fades into pure exhaustion.

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xoxo, Workout Girl

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