Imagine if we all did our part to make the world a better place. Whether you volunteer your time or make a monetary donation, giving back to the community should be about sharing your success with those in need rather than doing it to feel good about yourself.

Take it from the female entrepreneurs below who are ensuring that everything they do within their companies are tied back to the community. Check out how they’re using their resources to give back.

“Our members love it. We intentionally work with a wide variety of nonprofits – but all of them resonate with our members. Whether it’s education, health, animal protection – these are causes that are truly near and dear to our members’ hearts and I do believe it makes everyone feel good to support a good cause. In addition to creating awareness we also fundraise for our nonprofits and our members have been incredibly generous. Together we have raised over $50k for Girl Rising, over $60k for the Wildlife Conservation Society and over $100k for UNICEF.” — Katie Ann Rosen Kitchens, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of FabFitFun

“At Brandless, it’s our fundamental belief that everyone deserves better. Our price point of $3 makes it easier for many people to shop for products that match their values and lifestyles, but we also understand that not everyone has $3. That’s why we partnered with Feeding America to give back to those facing hunger through donating a meal with every purchase that is made on Brandless. Through these many giving opportunities, we’ve donated nearly one million meals in partnership with Feeding America in the short nine months since we launched Brandless. Our employees also give their time by regularly volunteering at local food banks, and we create field guides for our community to do the same.” — Tina Sharkey, CEO and Co-Founder of Brandless

“At The Assembly, we are building a community of women who come together to support each other. Together, we are larger than the sum of our parts and are able to create deep connections with neighborhood organizations that support women in our area. Not only do we offer support to the organizations we partner with, but also to their staff. These women who devote their lives to giving back deserve support in so many forms, and at The Assembly, we are able to help make that self-care a reality.” — Molly Goodson CEO and Co-Founder of The Assembly 

At Nima, we think it’s our privilege and responsibility to make resources available to those in need, regardless if they are a paying customer. Our food testing data is available for anyone who wants to see what the community is testing. We exist to help everyone with dietary restrictions stay their healthiest selves by providing unique information about food and a supportive community. Additionally, we volunteer at local food kitchens that serve under-served communities.” — Shireen Yates, CEO of Nima

xx, The FabFitFun Team