Last night, Ellen DeGeneres told her audience that she needed to get something off her chest — including her sketchy mole.

DeGeneres voiced her thoughts on Mississippi’s “Religious Liberty” bill, which was recently approved and signed off by the state’s governor. This new law enables religious persons to deny services (including marriage licenses, adoption and foster care services, employment, and selling property) to the LGBT community due to their beliefs.

Ellen said, “Now I’m not a political person. I’m really not. But this is not politics — this is human rights. And when I see something wrong, I have to talk about it. It’s the same thing that I do when I see men wearing Spandex in line at Starbucks. It’s wrong and I need to discuss it.”

Yaaasss, Ellen! She stated the new law is essentially discrimination and the Supreme Court already ruled on this by making marriage a right for everyone. She also encouraged the LGBT community and said, “Don’t lose hope. I was fired for being gay, but look at me now.”

And of course, it’s not an Ellen show if she doesn’t end it with a joke. She cheekily said, “I could buy that governor’s mansion, flip it, and make a seven million dollar profit.”

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xx, The FabFitFun Team