New to yoga? If you’re nervous about your first zen sesh, we got you covered.

Yoga is all about relaxing and feeling comfortable in your skin, so take a deep breath and just have fun. In addition to using a quality yoga mat, we recommend bringing a yoga towel, like the Summer & Rose Yoga Towel from the FabFitFun Summer Box. You sweat a lot when you flow, so you (and especially your fellow yogis) will appreciate something to dab away that perspiration. 

Try out the beginner poses below or have your own quick flow at home to get used to aligning your breath with your body.

Untitled-6Downward Dog
Tip: Make sure your palms are pressed into the mat and feet are hip-width apart.

Tip: Bend your knee over the ankle and sink the hips low.

Untitled-8Tree Pose
Tip: Fix your gaze on one unmoving point to maintain balance.

Tip: Stretch your legs back and press the tops of your feet and thighs to the floor.

Untitled-10Child’s Pose
Tip: Spread your knees apart and lengthen your spine through the crown of your head.

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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