Feature Image by Joshua Sazon

As the saying goes, “comparison is the thief of joy” — and it couldn’t be truer. Although jealousy is a common emotion in friendships, if you don’t work through these feelings, it can become toxic and even end friendships.

Whether you’re jealous of how close two of your friends are with each other or you envy the life your BFF has, these emotions can eat you up inside if you allow them. So how can you work through jealousy and let it go? Here are some tips you can follow:

Watch your thoughts
It can be so easy for one negative thought to cloud your judgment of reality. Be cautious of the thoughts you have to prevent yourself from going down a bitter path.

It’s you, not them
Dig deep into the root of the issue. What’s making you jealous? Perhaps your friend has found success in career or romance that you have yet to achieve, or you feel insecure about your own successes in life. Either way, you should address these issues face on and remind yourself that every person is on their own path or journey of growth and success.

Actively celebrate your friend
This may not come naturally or easily, but try to celebrate with your friend and appreciate the little things in your friendship. Be the friend to them that you hope they can be for you. Doing so will help keep thoughts of jealousy out of the picture.

Take care of yourself
Try to shift your focus from envying your friend to chasing your own ambitions. If you’re not focusing on your own life, how are you going to be able to better yourself and your future? Make a list of goals and brainstorm different ways you can start pursuing them.

Confront the feelings
Going to the source is always the best thing to do. Talk to your friend and tell them how you feel instead of staying silent and allowing the negativity to fester. If this is someone you love (and vice versa), you should open up to them. Chances are, they’ve felt the same feelings as well.

xx, The FabFitFun Team