Isn’t it amazing how one compliment can seriously make your day? Maybe you’re feeling a little blah, but then you get a compliment and suddenly, you’re Beyoncé. Maybe you feel amazing and a compliment keeps you walking tall all week. Think of how good that feels! Now go out and give it to everyone else!

Giving compliments isn’t just nice, it can also bring you closer to people. Maybe you see your BFF everyday, but when was the last time you told her how nice she looked? Or the last time you told your mom “thank you”?

We’re giving you 40 compliments that you should give out to others. Get out there and start spreading the love!

1. You are beautiful.
2. You’re so kind.
3. Thank you for being you.
4. I value your opinions.
5. I love what you’ve done with the place.
6. Your Facebook statuses are so entertaining.
7. That looks so good on you.
8. I appreciate you.
9. You’re so charming.
10. I am grateful to be your friend.
11. Your life is so interesting.
12. I seriously love spending time with you.
13. You’re the wine to my cheese plate.
14. Have you been working out?
15. Your makeup looks so great today.
16. You’re so smart.
17. You always make my day better.
18. You’re an amazing listener.
19. I love you more than a Real Housewives‘ Marathon.
20. You always put a smile on my face.
21. Your glass is the fullest.
22. I love you more than mac and cheese.
23. You have amazing taste in music.
24. If I ran a marathon with you, I’d hate it less.
25. I’d go to the DMV for you.
26. Did you get a blowout? Your hair looks uh-mazing.
27. You are so talented.
28. You’re a great person.
29. I’d be nothing without your friendship.
30. Life sucks when you aren’t around.
31. You’re so smart.
32. You give the best advice.
33. You have great taste in books/movies/TV.
34. You’re the funniest person I know.
35. You are great at your job.
36. I’d always bail you out of jail.
37. You’re gorgeous.
38. We need more people like you.
39. You have great energy.
40. I love you.

xx, The FabFitFun Team