While we consider National Ice Cream Day to be all summer long, the true holiday is coming up this Sunday, July 16th.

Even though a big heaping scoop on a sugar cone is our go-to, we decided to eat our ice cream in floats because it’s one of our favorite desserts to cool off with.

Whether you like a classic root beer float or a more unique boozy one, these five beverages will be the perfect way to celebrate National Ice Cream Day.

WineFloat2 Red Wine Float
What’s better than wine and ice cream? Both at once! This float pairs your favorite pinot with your a yummy vanilla ice cream to create one delicious boozy beverage.

2.1-Shirley-Temple-Ice-Cream-Float Shirley Temple Ice Cream Float
Going for something a little more kid-friendly? These Shirley Temple floats will bring some serious childlike wonder to your weekend.

peach-tea-ice-cream-floats-8-of-11 Peach Tea Ice Cream Float
Iced tea is definitely a popular beverage during the hot summer days, so why not add some cream to it to cool it down even more? With vodka, peach ice cream (or sorbet if you want to cut the dairy), and iced tea, this sip is peachy keen!

WatermelonFloats_2 Cold Pressed Watermelon Soda Floats
It wouldn’t be summer without a watermelon beverage in the mix! These bubbly cold pressed watermelon floats are hydrating and sweet — perfect to serve after a summer barbecue.

rootbeerfloat Adult Root Beer Float
If you love root bear floats, you’re going to live this spin on the classic. It has a kick of booze that will give you one solid buzz.

xx, The FabFitFun Team