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Sure, some people may still view astrology as a joke. After all, what are the chances that all Libra-born signs are going to meet the love of their life within the next two weeks? But whether you actually believe in it or not, astrology isn’t just meant to give you an outlook for the weeks or months ahead. Although it can be helpful to know what to expect, especially during Mercury retrogrades, there’s a lot more to astrology than that. It’s actually a great way for you to get to know yourself and the people around you much better. Plus, it’s fun!

While you can take time to research all there is to know about your sign, astrologers and zodiac enthusiasts have made it a lot easier, and more fun. Whether you’re a true astrology lover or curious enough, here are the best zodiac Instagram accounts to follow.


Chances are, you’ve seen the memes. If you’re looking for a good laugh, Glossy Zodiac presents the zodiac signs in the best way possible. It’ll have you both cringing and chuckling at how true to your sign their memes are.


Chani Nicholas is an astrologer and bestselling author of You Were Born For This: Astrology for Radical Self-Acceptance. Her Instagram is filled with colorful posts about the current zodiac season, and her interpretation of the energies for the week ahead.


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Rising Woman is a great one to follow if you need some uplifting advice. Whether you’re going through relationship problems, or it’s one of those days where you feel like you’re not enough, Sheleana Aiyana’s posts have the words you needed to hear. 


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Jessica Lanyadoo is an astrologer and host of the weekly astrology advice show, Ghost of a Podcast. If you’re looking for guidance or inspiration, she’s one to follow.


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Co-Star is an app that provides a “hyper-personalized, social astrology experience.” If you’re looking for quick blurbs on your zodiac sign’s take on love, relationships, and the perfect partner, this is one Insta you want to follow. 


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Sanctuary is another astro-app that gives you short daily horoscopes for your Sun and Rising signs. Similar to the app, their Instagram presents zodiac information in a way that’s super easy to understand. Plus, their memes are unlike anything else that’s out there.


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Every time something big happens in the sky, Astrologer Six is there to tell us what we need to know. If you want to know how to take advantage of the current energy, you’ll want to have Six’s posts come up on your feed.


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The Moon Tarot takes a more serious and enlightening approach in their Instagram posts. They offer daily energy readings and spiritual words of wisdom. If you’re ever stuck in a rut, The Moon Tarot posts mantras you can repeat to help you break out of it.


Astrologer Raquel Reyes wants to bring “the power of the planets to the people.” Unlike other Instagram accounts, Reyes goes pretty in-depth with her horoscopes. If you’re serious astrology lover and you’re looking for more than just a quick read, you may want to check her out.


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Sometimes, all you want to see is a good zodiac. If you’re in need of a laugh, this account is pure comedy.

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