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Switching up your hairstyle can be daunting, but an easy way to know if a certain cut or style will complement you is by taking a look at your face shape.

Whether you have a round face or a diamond-shaped face, there are different hairstyles that best flatter your facial structure. If you’re in search of the perfect style for you, we listed which hairstyle best suits which face shape.

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These face shapes are proportionally wider and have prominent, round cheeks, a curved chin, and a gentle jaw that give off a youthful look. Ask your hairstylist for layers to add dimension and avoid too much uniformity around your face.

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This chiseled face shape is defined by a prominent jaw and square chin. The sculpted face appears lean and is often noted as a photogenic face shape (great for taking selfies!). Soften your sharp features with long-length styles and avoid bobs or cuts that end at your jawline.


If you have a wider forehead and a narrow, pointy chin, then you have a heart-shaped face. Opt for a side-swept, shoulder-length fringe and keep your hair length a little past your shoulders. Medium length styles will keep the hair full around the jaw and decrease the width of the forehead.

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Touted as the most versatile face shape, the symmetry allows a variety of hairstyles to complement this face shape. We recommend sticking with extremes — whether you rock long locks or a blunt bob to maintain the symmetry of your face.

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These long, narrow faces are defined by the length (which is greater than that of their oval friends). This graceful, elongated face structure needs voluminous hair to counteract the narrow chin. Long, mermaid-like waves and flowing layers flatter these regal, long faces.


This angular face is defined by wider cheekbones and a narrow forehead and chin that are the same width. If you have a diamond-shaped face, try bobs or straight cuts to reduce prominent cheekbones.

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