Feature Image by The Sill

Despite best intentions and adherence to water and sun limitations, sometimes we just can’t keep our favorite plants alive and healthy.

Luckily, artificial plants of every species offer a simple solution for those of us without a green thumb. When you opt for faux foliage you can forget about leaves drooping or turning yellow, watering, and fertilizing.

Below, we’ve rounded up the best fake plants that will instantly add life to any room in your home.

Afloral Artificial Satin Pothos – Scindapsus pictus House Plant $14

This beautiful philodendron silver leaf hanging bush is the perfect faux house plant to add to your home.

Der Rose Mini Potted Fake Plants $28.99

These mini faux eucalyptus leaves are made of high-quality plastic — perfect for your desk, bedroom, living room, or bathroom.

Artificial Hanging Plants $16.99

Artificial hanging plants are perhaps even better than real ones! These faux green leafy plants, like the plastic kariffa hanging bush, come in two-tone green.

West Elm Monstera Leaf $11.90

Add some green to any space with a faux monstera leaf stem. Placed alone or in an arrangement, the leaf makes a bold statement.

Nearly Natural Silk Areca Palm Floor Plant with Planter $87.99

This graceful areca palm is made from plastic and silk, adding a tropical addition to any home. Plus, it comes in a pot wicker basket.

The Sill Faux Angel Wings Begonia $82

Angel wing begonias are notoriously difficult to keep alive as well as hard to come by. This artificial version looks so real nobody would know the difference.

Artificial Baby Eucalyptus Spray Branch $15.56

Each faux baby eucalyptus branch is made of high-quality raw materials that give them the look and feel of their natural counterparts. They’re great for flower arrangements, wreaths, and even crafting projects.

CB2 Faux Maguey Pick $12.95

 This 15 inch succulent is almost like the real thing, but with zero maintenance. Lush green leaves are clustered on a thick stem, giving off the same look as an aloe plant.

Nearly Natural Paradise Palm Artificial Tree in White Planter with Stand $147.29

Incorporate year-round tropical accenting with this artificial paradise palm tree. This lush overgrown faux foliage is 61 inches high in a white planter.

xx, The FabFitFun Team