Planning a spring vay-k? Before you book your next flight, we suggest that you take note of these free (yes, free!) airline perks that will help save you money and make flying way more enjoyable. From complimentary Wi-Fi and cocktails to a bamboo massaging stick to help relieve tired, swollen legs, these amenities will change the way you travel.


JetBlue: free Wi-Fi and name brand snacks

Connecting to Wi-Fi in-flight can cost a small fortune (think up to $30 for the duration of your flight). Luckily for us jet setters, JetBlue is ahead of the tech game with their Fly-Fi service. Available on most planes already, the new service allows customers to browse the web, shop with their Amazon Prime accounts, check emails, and more — at no charge. For those looking to download large files, stream media, or play video games, Fly-Fi Plus is available for a set rate of $9 per hour.

And instead of a micro bag of peanuts or nothing at all, JetBlue also offers the best complimentary snack service around. From Doritos to Terra Blues potato chips (their signature airline chips), and even Keebler Elf Grahams, rest assured you won’t go hungry in-flight. Want sweet and salty? No fret, you can have more than one choice if you wish.


Southwest: two free checked bags

Checking bags adds up very quickly, making that airline deal you scored seem like not so much of a deal after all is said and done. But Southwest actually allows up to two free (this is not a typo!) checked bags per customer given they fall between their weight limitations. This means that you no longer have to try and cram your entire wardrobe in a carry-on that weighs more than you do. We hope other airlines are taking note on this perk!

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic: free meals, booze, snooze packs

While most things in life (especially when it comes to flying these days) are not free, you can put that saying to rest while flying Virgin Atlantic. All meals, even in economy class,  are completely free — and actually enjoyable. The bar service also consists of at least one drink per passenger, depending on your route. And if you’re traveling with a child under 12, they’ll get to experience meals from Cooking Channel star and celebrity chef Lorraine Pascale.

On overnight flights, Virgin Atlantic also hands out free snooze kits to make your flight more relaxing. Each kit contains earplugs, socks, and an eye mask.

Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines: zen amenities for all

Some airlines distribute blankets and eye masks, but Japan Airlines takes it to whole new ohm level with their in-flight amenities. When heading overseas, indulge in their popular (and free!) colorful slippers to keep your feet cozy. Our favorite amenity, however, is the green bamboo massage sticks that cater to tired, swollen feet. And if you’re feeling under the weather, flight attendants can offer up nasal sprays, motion sickness medicine, a thermometer, and more.

xx, The FabFitFun Team