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In the world of health and beauty, we’re always looking for the next best supplement. And while there seems to be a torrent of products on the market that can make us look and feel our best, that doesn’t mean they’re doing just that. That’s why we have to shuffle through the facts.

Enter a breakdown of a popular oil that has nutritionists, beauty lovers, and the rest of the Internet guzzling. MCT oil, also known as a medium-chain triglyceride, is a supplement that can be added to your morning smoothie, coffee, toast, and even your mix of salad dressings. These chains of triglyceride are made of fatty acids and fat molecules that are super easy to digest and absorb, and their benefits are linked to the way your body processes these fats. Bonus: it’s more likely to be used as energy rather than stored as body fat.

Here are some of the benefits you can reap from adding MCT oil into your dietary and beauty routine.

Staying in shape
The hardest part of reaching your desired body weight? Staying at that desired body weight. However, MCT oil can help with that. MCT oil can help rid the body of excess fat, therefore reducing your body weight. The oil is also notorious for providing consumers with a full sensation, so they end up eating a little bit less. To wrap it all up, MCT causes increased energy disbursement so you’ll see more calories burned.

Athletic performance
With an increase in energy expenditure, you could see an increase in athletic performance. According to 18C by Acme-Hardesty, “Some athletes have adopted MCTs as a workout supplement to increase their performance, to decrease body fat while increasing lean muscle, and for weight loss.”

Brain and gut health
Your brain speaks to your gut, and your gut speaks to your brain. They go on and on in a cohesive discussion to make your body function properly, and MCT oil helps them do just that. MCT oil can serve as a probiotic for the gut, while also serving as fuel for the central nervous system. The MCT oil won’t destroy the good bacteria in your gut, and it can also help keep the brain from deteriorating. In other words, this guy is really helping your body maintain its utmost efficiency.

Manage conditions such as epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease
According to Healthline, MCT oil is a huge contender in the ketogenic diet, which was first introduced as a way of managing epilepsy. “Since MTCs can convert into ketones, they may be beneficial in managing epilepsy.” Furthermore, the ketones offered from an MCT ketogenic diet allows brain cells to survive better and also blocks a receptor in the brain that causes memory loss — which we know is a determiner in Alzheimer’s.

Anti-microbial properties
Beauty gurus, this one is for you! The MCT oil found in larger quantities, such as in your coconut oil, is known to have anti-microbial properties. That’s right, it can be used to treat acne and other skin irritations. In addition, you can also use it for oil pulling, the act of swishing oil around in your mouth to orally rinse your mouth of its bacteria.

It’s super moisturizing
Here’s another beauty assist from MCT oil. You can apply this oil on your hair as a mask to really lock in moisture before shampooing. It can also hydrate and moisturize the skin, your cuticles, and your lips. It can also soften the blow of an unwelcoming sunburn developed after a day spent at the beach.

MCT oil does not have the same effect on everyone, but it’s absolutely worth trying if you’re eager to see what kind of benefits it can have on your life! Be sure to consult your doctor or physician before taking any supplements.

xx, The FabFitFun Team