What brings out the best in you? Is it your S.O.? Is it the pastel-colored sweater that makes the brown in your eyes pop? Turns out, you have more control over your personal development than you think.

From surrounding yourself with like-minded peers to shifting your perspective, we’re sharing five ways you can bloom into the best version of yourself.

Stop comparing
The next time you compare yourself to someone else, remember that you’re the only “you” in the world. So why would you want to change that?

Find beauty everywhere
Shift your perspective to see the beauty and positivity in every situation – it’ll make all the difference.

Don’t count the hours
Whether you’re counting down to your next promotion, the weekend, or even the end of a workout class, learn to be more present. Stop counting!

Accept help
Put pride aside and accept help when it’s necessary. Relationships are two-way streets!

Take time for yourself. It’s OK to unplug, disconnect, and escape once in a while. Just be sure that you’re fully recharged when you come back!

xx, The FabFitFun Team