Close up image of Mali and Lili black weekender bag

Planning a fall adventure? Whether you’re boarding a plane or cruising in a car, you don’t want to forget the essentials! Ahead, we’ve outlined a list of products you’ll be happy you brought on your getaway.


1. Secure the bag(gage)
Master the art of packing smart with the Free People x Understated Leather Carry On Packing Cubes. Not only will they help you stay organized on the go, but they come in pretty prints you’ll adore.


2. Pack in a spacious carry-on
The Mali + Lili Weekender Bag is a must, especially for those short weekend trips where just the must-haves will do; no suitcase required.



3. Keep it cozy — and chic
No matter what type of transportation you’ve committed to or where your final destination is, there’s a chance you might be chilly at some point (it’s fall, after all!) Cozy up in the Gentle Fawn Huntington Scarf or the Gentle Fawn Hermosa Cover Up; both will keep you warm without sacrificing style.


4. Roll in with a felt hat
Protect your face from the sun with the Harper Hat from ASN Hats. It easily rolls up to store compactly in your bag, and unrolls to its original adorable shape when you’re ready to wear it.


5. Be sure to pack a good pair of shades
We’re crushing on the Lele Sadoughi Brooklyn Sunglasses, which boasts a tortoiseshell print that will look fab with everything in your fall wardrobe.


6. Plan your sweat sesh
An easy way to squeeze in a quick morning workout before the vacation fun is with a set of Resistance Bands like the ones from Fitplan! Not only are they ultra-lightweight and painless to pack, but you can use ’em anywhere with workouts found on the Fitplan App to keep up your fitness routine.


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xx, The FabFitFun Team