Nowadays, you don’t have to go to a museum to get your daily dose of art. Creators of all kind are using Instagram to showcase their work!

We love our friends’ cute selfies and mouth-watering #foodporn just as much as the next scroller – but seeing a beautiful sketch amidst those photos adds a little extra inspiration to your day.

Check these artists out, and hit that “follow” to adorn your feed with some ill illustrations!

Jane Kim is a freelance designer based in Vancouver, BC. Her style is the perfect marriage between the minimal yet detailed. We especially love the photos that peek into her life, which is just as aesthetically pleasing as her artwork.

You might recognize Javier Pérez’ playful illustrations – he’s been featured on Buzzfeed, Colossal, and several other publications. He transforms everyday objects into something pleasantly unexpected, and stretches our imaginations to see our world with more wonder.

Fashion + art lovers, you’re welcome. Holly Nichols, a fashion illustrator from Boston, draws the glam life on paper. She does live sketches at events, and has an Etsy shop where you can purchase prints at an affordable price!

OK – so this isn’t just one, but rather a collection of several artists. But how else would you be able to see sketches of Rome’s architecture and Berlin’s coffee shops in one feed? We love that these peeks into scenes around the world feel unpretentious; a sight caught someone’s eye and they drew it. It’s away to discover the world (and the artists that draw it) with ease and familiarity.

Sketches in the studio….

A photo posted by Megan Hess (@meganhess_official) on

Megan Hess is a world-renowned fashion illustrator who has worked with brands like Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany Co., Versace, Fendi, Cartier, Disney, TIME Magazine, Vanity Fair… to name a few. Every single photo on her IG is breathtaking, whether it features her work or the adventures it takes her on.

‘Eyes’ is finished ??? This is my entry for the #musketonmazda contest ? It was kind of a difficult brief for me since the illustration needed to fit the hood of the car, which basically means it needs to be symmetrical, needs to be recognizable from far aswell as from close by, … I just came back from holiday yesterday and started this illustration from scratch to a finished piece in 24 hours (with 7 hourq of sleep in between ?). Please let me know what you think about the illustration in the comments below ??? Concerning @musketon ‘s contest : I have seen a looooot of awesome entries so my chances, but I decided to still enter because it’s a fun challenge and because you miss every shot you don’t take ???? @mazdabelgium @mazdaeurope A photo posted by Vince Okerman (@vexx_art) on

18-year-old Vince Okerman‘s “doodles” are nothing short of masterpieces. His signature characters are filled with so much life and personality; follow him to decorate your day with color!

Using text and illustration, Jose Naranja can turn an empty notebook into a story-telling treasure chest. He captures his life, thoughts, and travels on paper in incredible but uncomplicated ways that inspire us to take our note-taking and journaling more seriously.

xx, The FabFitFun Team