Comics aren’t just made by Marvel anymore. These artists on Instagram will make you laugh, cry, and feel a heck of a lot less alone with their relatable humor. Hours will pass without notice as you scroll, send, and share their thoughts in 2D. Enjoy!


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Mari has a knack for depicting the common denominator of life’s most intimate, vulnerable moments. We consider scrolling down her feed a form of therapy! You can even learn her craft in her Skillshare class, called “Drawing as Self Discovery: 5 Ways to Start.”

Anyway here’s a drawing about love. Lovely love

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This adorable 22 year old illustrator from London draws cartoons with her signature quirky, light-hearted, sometimes tongue-in-cheek humor. Her book of drawings about mental health, called It’s All Absolutely Fine is filled with more treasures. You can get it here.

All couples who’ve reached the comfortable phase in a relationship will appreciate Catana. Chuckle at comics about getting new undies, Netflix + chill, and what you really want on Valentine’s Day.

Everyday situations like waking up, getting productive, fighting anxiety come alive in Sarah’s work. “This comic is for barely-functioning people, created by a barely-functioning person.” Get more in her book, Big Mushy Happy Lump: A Sarah’s Scribbles Collection.

This is what I get for not checking my email while I was on vacation…

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The adorable character in Cassandra’s comics is definitely our spirit animal. Things that’d stress us out like bad hair days and PMS go back to being laughable thanks to her!


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Reza Farazmand’s comics will have you laughing out loud. You’ll want to share his entire feed in your group DM!

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