Earrings and necklace? Check. Purse? Check. Starbucks cup? Can’t forget that!
Those signature green straws are basically an extension of our bodies now. Starbucks is a part of us.

So what if we were to tell you that there are coffee chains out there that could replace Starbucks as your #1? Sounds unbelievable, but keep reading and you might just find your new favorite morning pick-me-up spot.

A Red Bull-infused prickly pear drink? A candy bar latte with whipped cream? Since 1998, Scooters has been roastin’ and servin’ unique and delicious drinks — first in Nebraska, and now in 15 different states! You’ll be smiling along with their signature smiley face stickers on each cup of Scooter’s.

Sip slowly and soak in the moment. You'll feel better, we promise ☕️⛅️ @heyjackkerouac

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As promised, a cup from this SoCal java spot will give you life! San Diego’s (and now Pasadena’s) coffee lovers are becoming quick converts to the Copa Vida fandom. Whether it’s for the coffee shop’s beautifully pristine aesthetic or expertly made drinks, we’re not surprised to see more and more people enjoying the CV experience.

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It’s becoming more common to spot someone holding a coffee cup adorned with a cute little blue bottle icon. With chains in major cities like Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, and more, Blue Bottle Coffee’s quality ingredients and expert grinding and roasting techniques are winning over all our taste buds.

You’ve probably seen boxed, canned, or bottled versions of Stumptown drinks at your local grocery stores. Those are delicious (and effective) — but nothing quite compares to getting a fresh cold brew straight from the shop — which coffee fiends in Portland, Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, and New Orleans are able to do!

South Korea’s favorite coffee house is taking over! There are currently over 1,600 CaffeBene chains in a dozen countries all around the world. Their signature drinks are the perfect study aid, but we really go there for the waffles and shaved ice.

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The name is no joke — this one’s for those who know what truly good coffee is about. Intelligentsia sources, develops, roasts, and distributes the best coffee from around the world. Those within driving distance of a shop can enjoy one in-store, but others can still get their hands on some Intelligentsia through their website.

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If you’ve never tried a Mint Mojito, please, please visit a Philz Coffee in the Bay Area, SoCal, or D.C. and get one ASAP! Quality and hype aren’t mutually exclusive — Philz drinks are equal parts delicious, trendy, and Instagrammable.

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