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Save Your Skin

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From the breeze on Hollywood Boulevard to the snow falling on the Empire State Building, we all get exposed to some crazy winter weather — a definite moisture killer. The cold can quickly dry your skin and make it as uncomfortable as a Demi-Ashton run-in. No one wants sandpapery hands, cracked lips, or flaky skin unless you’re looking to hook up with an iguana.

We chatted up skin care expert Paula Begoun, better known as The Cosmetics Cop, and she gave us her expert scoop on winter skin care. Paula says that winter or not, the trick is to be consistent and proactive. You have to treat your skin well all year long to avoid ever getting into a dry skin predicament. Paula gave us her go-to products to help keep your skin hydrated no matter how cold it gets.

Skin Recovery Cleanser Skin Recovery Cleanser: Drop the bar of soap and pick up a bottle of the good stuff. This cleanser won’t just remove makeup and dirt, it’s also ultra-hydrating and odorless, so other than feeling amazing, you may not even know you’re wearing it.

Beecology Buzz Balm Beecology Buzz Balm: This little balm is a FabFitFun go-to lip product and should be in everyone’s purse. Your lips will tingle as you wear it, but it repairs and heals dry lips super quickly. Plus, you can get 30% off your purchase when you use the code FFF.

Moisture Boost Hydrating Treatment Cream Moisture Boost Hydrating Treatment Cream: This is a total must-have for any skin care junkie. It’s the total package for winter skin worries — super light, über-moisturizing, and leaves your skin feeling amazing. Not to mention, it leaves your face looking fresh and rejuvenated!

DDF<br />
			<span class= Amplifying Elixir" width="116" height="116" />DDF Amplifying Elixir: Tough skin problems require serious action and it doesn’t get much better than this hydrating beauty tool. It’s a FabFitFun must-have!

Avon Moisture Therapy Intensive Treatment Hand Cream Avon Moisture Therapy Intensive Treatment Hand Cream: This uh-mazing hand lotion is rich and creamy yet feels light and leaves your skin smooth and silky. Your hands, and anyone who you touch, will definitely say thanks. You can thank us because this is a FabFitFun fave.

For more skin care tips, follow The Cosmetics Cop on Twitter @PaulasChoice.

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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