A typical clothing factory averages up to 40% waste during its production cycle — that’s almost half an entire outfit! Shopping for vintage items used to be the only way to minimize your high-heeled eco footprint, but there are actually a handful of fashion and lifestyle brands sprouting up in the name of elimination.

Read on for a few of our faves in celebration of Earth Day on April 22.

tumblr_o2lcogbovM1thflpzo1_1280G-Star Raw for the Oceans
Pharrell Williams has made us happy once again. The hip hop artist and producer is a creative director for Bionic Yarn, an ocean-friendly clothing line which is (literally) making big waves with its fun clothing line. All products are made from recycled ocean plastic and range from expressive tees, cool denim, and essential outerwear.

Farm-to-table, meet factory-to-fashion. This Cambodian-based brand has cast aside the assembly line to create unique pieces like vibrant rayon trousers and swishy cotton dresses. All employees are paid well above minimum wage, and the company donates any spare pieces (handmade clay button, anyone?) to charitable organizations.

Lather, rinse and recycle with one of our fave eco-friendly cosmetics brand. Many of their products (from shampoo bars to henna) are not wrapped in plastic, and if packaging is needed it is from post-consumer waste. Lush even shows you how to reuse the black jars as flower pots! So cute & nifty.

337162_471038482914458_1951679773_oBrush with Bamboo
Dentists recommend replacing your toothbrush every three months which creates a lot of plastic pileup. So rather than simply tossing your old toothbrush in the trash, consider these bamboo-based bristles which are 100% compostable — now that’s something to smile about!

960224_748494901832996_1974997286_nFreedom of Animals
This luxury handbag line is sustainable and cruelty-free. Freedom of Animals uses materials which are comprised of post-consumer polyurethane and organic cotton. They feel just as soft as leather but is made with a more sustainable fabric. Also, the all the bags are lined with plastic water bottles — how cool is that?

These shoes are literally making a positive impact with their eco footprint by using recycled and renewable components such as cork and natural woods. Their company focuses on slowing their impact on the environment and providing high-quality, timeless footwear.

xx, The FabFitFun Team