If you bought your mattress before Grey’s Anatomy premiered, it’s time for you to purchase a new one.

You should replace your mattress (roughly) every 10 years as internal springs and padding can start to break up and lose their spring. Not only that, sleeping on an unsupportive mattress will leave you with an uncomfortable sleep experience and back problems.

However, some mattresses might need to be replaced even sooner — especially if you relate to the signs below:

  • You’ve been traveling or crashed at a friend’s place, and the mattress you slept on is way more comfortable than yours.
  • You wake up sore and feel aches every morning — and it’s not because you’re lifting more weights at the gym.
  • Your mattress is sagging and has lumps and bumps.

After you purchase a new mattress, you can extend the life of it by flipping it or turning it around depending on the type of mattress you have.

  • If your mattress is double-sided (doesn’t have a pillow-top), flip it every three to six months to keep it from wearing down as quickly.
  •  If your mattress is a pillow-top, turn it around so that the head is at the foot of the bed. It can help reduce pressure points on the mattress which will result in extended support.

Either way, investing in a new mattress will be beneficial in the long run for your health.

xx, The FabFitFun Team