With all the selfies and Dove Beauty-inspired campaigns, body positivity can seem more like a cultural movement than a personal practice. And as inspiring as the body positive messages are, it’s just as important to incorporate daily habits to feel good in your own skin.

Here are small changes you can make top practice self-love:

Ditch the scale for good
If you find your day being made or ruined by the number on the scale, it’s a sign that the scale holds more power than it should. Don’t let the number become a measure of your worth and value! Otherwise, you tether your self-esteem to a fluctuating inconsistency. Moving towards body positivity requires a separation of your health and happiness from the number on the scale. After all, your weight is a poor indicator of health anyway. So ditch the scale; you’re better off without it.

Eat ice cream without a topping of guilt
Eating isn’t a moral act – you’re no better or worse of a person if you decide to eat dessert or have a salad for lunch. As soon as you notice the feeling of guilt creeping in, reassure yourself that it’s OK to eat and enjoy sweets! The more you accept all foods as part of normal eating, the less you’ll judge yourself and your body at every meal.

Buy clothes that make you feel good
Call it your weight loss motivation or a nauseating reminder, but we all have that pair of ill-fitting jeans we can’t seem to get rid of. Instead of finding clothes that fit, we cling onto the pant size of our yesteryears. But the physical body is constantly evolving, and embracing change is a key part of body positivity. So forget the number on the label, and instead, focus on fit and feel. If you think you look and feel great, make the purchase!

Clear your mind of negativity
Negative self-talk can become a nasty habit. Spend time observing the types of thoughts that come up throughout your day. You might be surprised by how often a self-deprecating, body disparaging thought passes through. When you notice yourself making a self-critical comment, press “pause” and challenge it. Body positivity is a matter of the mind, not a physical makeover.

Exercise to engage your body
If you exercise just to compensate for consumed calories, then it’s time to reevaluate. Skip the gym and the intense HIIT class, and opt for an activity that isn’t ruled by numbers. Allow yourself to reconnect with your body — go on a solo hike, take a vinyasa flow yoga class, or ride your bike around town. Focus on how your body and mind feel rather than on how many calories you burn.

xx, The FabFitFun Team