You may not be able to change the world overnight, but you can always choose to spread love – even in seemingly unassuming situations.

This holiday season, give the gift that never stops giving: set off a chain reaction of goodness. Enact one (or several!) of these 10 things and touch someone in a positive way to help them see the world with more hope, faith, and compassion.

Hand-write someone a note. Nowadays, we exchange most messages through a screen. This makes physical notes feel even more intimate. Take the time to sign, seal, and deliver a sweet message to someone special. Or write anonymous inspirational messages and leave them in public places to make a stranger’s day!

Donate blood. Someone needs blood every 2 seconds in the U.S. Donating blood is a small sacrifice that can help save lives!

Pay for the next person in your drive-thru. Ask the cashier to leave your card open for the next car’s transaction. Whether or not they continue the trend for the next car, you know you brightened someone’s day with a free meal or coffee!

Send a holiday card to hospitalized children. Several organizations collect cards to give out to brave young children battling illnesses. Spread holiday cheer by writing some or get a group of friends together for a card-making party!

Let someone merge in traffic. No one likes being stuck in traffic, but even that is an opportunity to showcase your kindness. Practicing patience and generosity is a much better alternative to road rage (right?).

Ask your cashier how their day is going. Small talk is overrated. Use your check out time to make real conversation with your cashier. You’d be surprised at how most people open up if they’re just asked one simple question.

Leave a positive comment or review online. A lot of us are only compelled to say something if it hits a nerve. That’s why there’s a lot of cyber bullying and hate comments on the internet. Why not use the same power to give kudos instead? If you appreciated the service at a restaurant or really like a YouTuber’s video, write something nice to let them know they’re doing a good job. Not only is it well deserved, it’ll motivate them to do an even better job.

Offer to take a photo. If you see a group of tourists, a couple, or some friends straining their arms to get a good selfie, offer to take the picture for them. It’ll literally take 30 seconds or less to help them make sure they get the perfect ‘gram moment.

Leave a tip that’s half the bill. Servers do a whole lot of work for minimum wage, so tips are very important. A generous tip is sure to make your server’s (and the whole wait staff’s!) day.

Just…smileThis is the easiest and probably the most powerful way to share your energy. Trust us, it’s infectious. You’ll notice strangers, babies, puppies, your friends and family smiling right back at you!

xx, The FabFitFun Team