When it comes to smaller living spaces, utilizing every square foot to its optimum level is key. So whether you add an accent wall or a statement rug, ahead are a few simple decorating tips to make your tight space seem more spacious.

Focus on floor décor
A tweak as simple as adding stripes to your floor can give the illusion of a wider room. If you don’t have the option of getting built-in striped floors, opt for a striped rug to make your space seem larger.

Add an accent wall
The loudness of an accent wall not only makes the room more visually interesting, but it also creates a focal point to distract eyes from the size of the room. So whether you decide to paint your walls, add artwork, or hang up tapestry, try to fill one side of your room.

Get a big rug
When purchasing a rug for your humble abode, pick one that extends past the pieces you’re going to be putting on it (including your couch, chairs, and coffee table). A small rug makes your room seem choppy and divided, thus making the room appear smaller.

Hide clutter
Nothing makes your space feel smaller than when it appears cluttered. Select multifunctional pieces like a bed with storage underneath as it will help you hide smaller items away without taking up any precious square footage.

Follow the “cantaloupe rule”
According to Sabrina Soto, Target home style expert, smaller decor can “crowd a room.” Opt for fewer pieces and make sure each item is bigger than a cantaloupe as this will help keep your small space looking big.

Look up
If you have a small space, drawing the eyes upward can help make the room appear taller. Hang shelves closer to the ceiling to keep your guests (and yourself) looking up.

Go au naturale
Natural light is a tiny room’s BFF. Open up the shades and even invest in a screen or sliding glass door if that’s an option. The bright, airy feel of natural lighting will enhance the openness of your space.

Make the colors match
From wall paint to furniture, try to keep the colors in the same shade family. Whether you alternate dark and light hues or stick to slight variations of the same color, the consistency will help the room look more organized and spacious.

Condense where you can
Now you see it, now you don’t! Furniture like futons or foldable dining tables allows you to tuck things away effortlessly when you need a little more space. Plus, the less furniture you try to jam into your tight room, the larger it will seem.

Get low
Opting for furniture that sits lower to the ground can really help open up your space. When combined with higher shelving, this trick works wonders.

xx, The FabFitFun Team