The spirit of gift-giving isn’t about the price tag — it’s about finding something meaningful that shows how much you love and care for the person receiving the gift.

If you’re hoping to give a thoughtful gift this holiday season, here are some ideas to get you started:

Lat & Lo Bar Necklace $64
Commemorate a special place you met or went to with a loved one with a Lat & Lo bracelet or necklace. These jewelry selections allow you to select coordinates from a special place.

unicefUNICEF Super Hero Pack $80.78
Put your money toward a good cause in the name of your loved one with UNICEF’s Super Hero Pack. Your $80.78 gift provides measles, tetanus, and polio vaccines as well as a vaccine carrier and mosquito safety net for children in need. UNICEF offers many “Inspired Gifts” where a gift as low as $10 will benefit international children.

Eucalyptus Spearmint Gift Set $37.50
The gift of relaxation is one that never stops giving. We love this Eucalyptus Spearmint Stress Relief gift set, which will bring stress relief to any loved one who’s stressed out from the holiday season. The set comes with a candle, body lotion, shower gel, and hand soap.

cardsShutterfly Customized Playing Cards $19.99
Game night has never been more fun than when your loved one plays with their own deck of customized playing cards. If you really want to get creative, set up a photoshoot to recreate the king, queen, jack, joker, and more.

CODELulu Frost CODE Rings From $825
Although pricey, Lulu Frost’s code rings have a hidden meaning incorporated into the stones. Choose from selections like “Dearest,” “To Thine Own Self Be True,” or “Always and Forever.”

chipchipThoughtfully Chip Chip Hooray! Gift Set $49.99
This yummy gift set for the baker in your life lets them flex their baking skills with a cast-iron skillet, cookie mix, frosting mix, and (of course) rainbow sprinkles. If you’re quite the baker yourself, another option is to whip up a batch for your loved one instead.

RoseGoldRebel Long-Distance Mug $14.99+
If you live far away from your loved one, this custom coffee mug puts your respective states on the mug (in the colors of your choice!) and links them with hearts. The message on the back of the mug makes it even more special.

Felt App Handwritten Cards $3-6 + S&H
Felt is making it so much easier to send your loved ones handwritten cards this year! You pick the design, select your own photos or photos from the app, handwrite the message, and send it off to the special people in your life.

book of everyoneThe Book of Everyone Customized Book $9.95 to $74.95
The Book of Everyone creates a customized book dedicated to the one you love. The book shares unusual facts and trivia related to a person’s birthday, as well customizable pictures and messages from you. The creative and beautifully designed pages aren’t something you could make at home, trust us.

xx, The FabFitFun Team