As adults, we seem to think we know everything. How could we not when we’ve done everything, met everyone, failed, succeeded, fallen in love, and had our heart broken…right? Wrong.

Anyone can learn from children, and maybe picking up a few of their habits along the way wouldn’t be the worst idea. Children are encouraged everyday to grow, explore, imagine, learn, laugh, cry, and get out on the playground of life, so why don’t you?

Here are five things kids do that you can too:

Ask Questions
As a kid, raising your hand in school was always a good thing and curiosity was always encouraged. By asking questions, you get answers — and knowledge is what keeps you growing. As adults, we aren’t always in a situation like a classroom where openly asking questions are welcomed. However, there is always more to learn and this mindset is one that children and adults alike should keep throughout life.

Be Creative and Dream Big
Imagination is the name of the game here. Children are effortlessly far more creative than the average adult, and let their fantasies run wild. Kids automatically access the more creative parts of their brains (even by playing dress up) and you should, too! Why? Creativity and happiness are unquestionably linked. So go out and buy one those popular adult coloring books (or get the FabFitFun Fall Box), and lose yourself for a bit drawing in and out of the lines.

Be Active
Everyone learned at least one valuable lesson from watching Legally Blonde — exercise gives you endorphins, and endorphins make you happy! Just because we don’t have a jungle gym doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be active and get our heart rate up. As kids, this kind of exercise was just playing with our friends, as opposed to how we adults work out to be “bikini body” ready. Bring happiness and fun back into physical activity, and bring a pal with you the next time you go jogging!

Try New Things
Obviously, most activities are foreign to the average kindergartner, so kids wander into uncharted waters on a regular basis. Do you remember the first time you jumped on a trampoline? It was probably pretty epic. Kids don’t fear the unknown the same way adults do but adults should because there’s still much to explore and discover! Plus, that exhilarating feeling of adventure lights a fire inside that you should never stop chasing.

Express Yourself
If a child doesn’t like something, you can bet your bottom dollar someone will hear about it. Whether it’s expressing their disgust at vegetables, annoyance at learning long division, or despising a classmate, everything pretty much gets aired out. Not just the negative, but the positive, too. Kids have #nofilter, and adults have at least a dozen on Instagram alone. Verbalizing our feelings at every age is important, and fear of doing so will only keep you down.

xx, The FabFitFun Team