Communication with your doctor is crucial. While you may assume that your doctor always knows best, Dr. Clare Morrison, medical advisor at MedExpress, suggests that a patient should never be afraid to speak up about their concerns. Doing so, she explains, allows your doctor to diagnose the problem better.

Below, Morrison shares seven things worth mentioning during your next appointment.

Ask for clarification if you’re confused
“Ask your doctor to explain what’s wrong if you’re confused,” says Morrison. Sometimes doctors assume that you understand what they’ve said, so if you need clarification, just ask for it!

All symptoms (even the embarrassing ones)
“Do tell your doctor about any existing embarrassing symptoms including abnormal bleeding, vaginal discharge, and change in bowel habits,” Morrison advises. Your doctor needs to know about these things no matter how humiliating they may sound, she implies.

Mental health symptoms
“Tell your doctor if you feel depressed or anxious,” Morrison stresses. Don’t keep these feelings to yourself, she warns, as they can affect your ability to experience joy, socialize, or simply function in life.

Ways you can help yourself
“Be sure to ask your doctor if there’s anything you can do to help yourself at home,” Morrison explains. Knowing that you’re doing your best to remedy the situation will not only improve your health, she says, but it will also help you feel in control of your treatment plan.

If your condition can get better without medication
“It isn’t always necessary to take medications like antibiotics,” Morrison says. It’s important to note that sometimes drugs cause more side effects than the symptoms they are meant to treat.

How to take your medication
“Ensure you understand how to take your medication,” Morrison suggests. Always ask if taking medication is a defined course with an end, or if it’s something that should be taken on a permanent basis.

If you think they made a mistake
“Doctors are only human, and errors do occur sometimes,” Morrison explains. It won’t do any harm to double check whether or not you’re allergic to the medication you’re given or if it’s compatible with any existing medication you’re currently taking.

xx, The FabFitFun Team