Joshua Sazon

If you want to improve your physical and emotional health, one of the most impactful things you can do is clear toxic people out of your life.

But we don’t always realize how toxic someone can be until we stop hanging out with them and start feeling more confident, energetic, and at peace.

Not sure if you should cut someone out of your life? Here are five signs you’re dealing with a toxic friend.

Interactions with them leave you feeling bad about yourself
A non-toxic friend supports your decisions and accepts you as you are (as long as you’re not hurting anyone). On the other hand, a toxic friend may try to find faults in you and your actions. Keep in mind that “tough love” and “constructive criticism” are only loving and constructive if they’re helping you. Otherwise, they’re just excuses for toxic people to be negative.

You feel like you’re below them
The same rules we apply to dating also apply to friendship. You shouldn’t feel like you’re trying to impress a friend, vying for their attention, or constantly waiting for them to text you back. And beware of any friend who acts like they’re wiser than you and condescending in any way. They should take your opinion as seriously as you take theirs.

They guilt you
Trying to make someone feel bad for not doing what you want is a manipulation tactic. A true friend respects your autonomy — they might express disappointment if you don’t do what they want, but they won’t try to push you into anything.

Drama seems to follow them
If it seems like your friend has a problem with just about everyone, the problem may be with them. It might feel like it won’t happen with you, but toxic people have a way of starting drama with just about anyone.

They don’t put a lot of thought into your relationship
Maybe they can’t help it if they’re chronically late or always busy when you need them. But even if it isn’t their fault, you’re still giving more than you’re getting, which isn’t fair to you. You deserve someone who puts as much time, energy, and thought into the relationship as you do.

xx, The FabFitFun Team