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Nothing beats a fresh dye job, but our hair can become dull and lifeless over time due to frequent shampooing, exposure to environmental pollution, and constant heat styling.

While color-preserving shampoo and conditioners can be a lifesaver until your next salon appointment, semi-permanent hair color products and treatments may be of interest for a color boost that lasts longer in between appointments, according to Jasen James, a colorist at the Chicago-based Maxine Salon.

“Chemically depending on if the semi-permanent formula is alkaline or acid-base, it may create a line of demarcation. This means it could slightly lighten (or lift) your natural hair color, but doesn’t have the power to lighten previously colored hair,” James tells FabFitFun.

In short, semi-permanent hair dye solutions do have the advantage of slightly brightening dull color, and achieving consistent color from roots to ends. At the same time, he adds that it’s important to remember that semi-permanent hair color does not remove previously colored hair, and can cause color overlaps if you aren’t consistent in using it.

Alas, if you are looking to revitalize faded color, or simply add some fun hues to your locks, semi-permanent hair dye solutions are definitely worth looking into.

IGK GIRLS CLUB Pink Color Spray $27.99

This pink spray-on color is great for those who want to enjoy vibrant color without the commitment. It adds a nice touch of pink to your strands, but can easily be washed out during your next shampoo.

oVertone Vibrant Silver Coloring Conditioner $29

If you are looking to tame down brassiness, or add some dimension to your blonde color, trust that this silver coloring conditioner tones down the hair without drying it out completely (thanks to added coconut oil and shea butter).

Maria Nila Colour Refresh Autumn Red Colour Bomb $31

Perk up faded red tones with this non-permanent color mask, which eliminates dryness, reduces frizz, and lasts for up to ten washes.

Punky Colour 3-in-1 Color Depositing Shampoo and Conditioner $14.99

Whether you are into teal tones or obsessed with shades of lavender, it’s safe to say that this three-in-one color-depositing shampoo and conditioner is fit for any personality. It provides intense color deposit to your hair without destroying it altogether.

KeraColor Color + Clenditioner $22

Preventing breakage and color-fade, this two-in-one product keeps your color vibrant and fresh (results will last up to 10-15 shampoos) until your next salon appointment.

CurlSmith Hair Makeup Temporary Color Styling Gel $19.99

This color styling gel uses high-pigment mica curls to deposit a layer of intense color to even the darkest of strands. Plus, these styling gels are made without sulfates, silicones, mineral oils, making it ideal for those looking for cleaner beauty buys.

amika Mixtape Color Boosting Drops $25

Whether it’s cooling down brassiness or neutralizing red undertones, add a little of these color-boosting drops to your mask (or favorite leave-in product) of choice to see an instantaneous color boost.

BRITE Pastel Pink Color Shampoo and Conditioner $24

Keep those pastel locks bright with some help from this shampoo and conditioner duo, which can be used to add a nice touch of pink to blonde hair or to eliminate those pesky green tones that wreck your pink tones altogether.

Good Dye Young Lighter Daze Peach Fuzz $18

Add some warm peach tones to your blonde with this semi-permanent color, which is made without the harmful chemicals (ammonia and peroxide) used in some dye products.

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