Calling all Scandal fans! The third episode aired last night, and boy, oh boy, is there a lot going on. Everyone is talking about who murdered Vargas…and now, we’re one step closer to finding out.

Here’s a recap on all the drama that went down:

Cyrus has changed. In several flashbacks, we see that he’s repaired his relationship with husband Michael, spends more time with daughter Ella, and totally rocked his campaign for vice president. Olivia says he’s changed, grown up. She also says he was smart to put himself on the ticket. Cyrus insists he didn’t. Maybe he has changed?

Fitz offers Cyrus a way out. Now that they’ve opened the investigation to include everyone, Cyrus is under the microscope — not so good if you’re about to be president. Fitz offers to make the investigation disappear if Cyrus steps down.

Cyrus is in a dangerous relationship with Tom Larson. It seems there are still some lingering feelings between the two: sexual feelings and immoral feelings. We find out that Cyrus asked Tom to help make the Jennifer Fields problem go away. After that’s fixed, Tom offers to help make Cyrus president….and Cyrus really wants to be president.

The recorded footage isn’t what we thought. The video of Vargas saying that Cyrus did something vulgar and Cyrus will end up behind bars seemed to indicate that Cyrus might have a motive for killing Vargas. When Jennifer turns up severely beaten because Cyrus thought she was having an affair with Vargas, he is furious.

Mellie may be the next President. Cyrus accepts Fitz’s clemency deal. Tom confesses to shooting Vargas, and Cyrus confesses that Tom was under his orders. Cyrus is going to jail. This means the Electoral College has one choice left: Mellie.

xx, The FabFitFun Team