Will Mellie become the president? What will happen to Cyrus in jail? Who really killed Vargas? These are just a few questions we’ve had since the last episode of Scandal.

And now we’re finally getting some answers — but not necessarily the answers we were hoping for. Ahead, you’ll discover the biggest things that happened on Scandal this week.

Huck has a crush, and it’s the most adorable thing we’ve ever seen. He’s been helping out Meg (Jennifer’s friend) with some extra security measures to protect her from whoever killed Jennifer. It’s clear that Huck is clearly enjoying his time with her, so he asks Meg if she’s a client or a friend. Her response? She kisses him! Yay, Huck!

Cyrus could get the death penalty. Though Abby laid down the law in the name of the president to remove the death penalty from the case, it’s revealed that Fitz never actually gave her permission to say this. Oops! Fitz later gives a press conference to show his support of the Attorney General’s and FBI Director’s choice for the death penalty.

Cyrus learns to work the system. This may not seem surprising at first, but just wait for it. His first plan to get out of jail is to write Tom a love letter, which will cause Tom to recant his confession. Though Cyrus finally gets access to pen and paper to write this letter, Michael actually gets the letter, not Tom. Time for plan number two, and this plan involves some manipulation, violence, and some good old fashion revenge.

Everyone is leaving Cyrus. Michael visits Cyrus in prison, but it’s not a happy reunion. Michael reveals that because of the “love letter” that Cyrus wrote, Michael is leaving Cyrus, keeping the house, and getting sole custody of their daughter, Ella. To make matters worse, Cyrus is physically beaten by Vargas supporters. When he calls Olivia to proclaim his innocence and ask for help, she tells him to never to speak to her again. 

Tom reveals that he’s actually innocent. This time Cyrus uses his wiles to get the murderer across the way to help him break out of his cell and go kill Tom. While Tom is moments away from death, he reveals that he never killed Vargas; someone paid him to confess. Cyrus demands that the murderer let Tom go. Tom lives, but the prison guard who was caught up in all this, ends up dead. At the same time, Oliva’s team finds evidence that Tom was in another city at the time of the Vargas’ shooting, and therefore couldn’t have killed him. Not only does this mean that Tom is innocent, but it also means that Cyrus is too.

xx, The FabFitFun Team