We all love Netflix for its convenient streaming service and its endless supply of must-see movies and shows. However, binge-watching Stranger Things and Friends is about to start costing you a bit more.

Netflix just announced that it’s raising the cost of its subscription service by 13 to 18 percent – it’s the biggest hike ever (ugh). This is also the first time that a price increase will affect all U.S. Netflix customers (nearly 58 million subscribers).

If you’re an avid Netflix enthusiast feeling distraught by the news, here’s how the price increase will affect you: Netflix’s basic plan will go up from $8 to $9, the HD Standard plan will raise from $11 to $13, and the 4K Premium plan will bump up from $14 to $16. Current Netflix subscribers will see the price hike implemented to their accounts over the next three months while new subscribers will pay these new prices immediately.

A portion of the increase in revenue will go toward funding more Netflix Original films and shows – so if the extra $2 a month means a To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before sequel, then we’re OK with it.

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xx, The FabFitFun Team