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Use this time of self-distancing as an opportunity to have some fun and try new things you would otherwise be to busy to do – like nail art!

Dust off the nail polish buried in your closet, raid your apartment for a small eyeliner brush, bobby pins, and tape, and get to painting one of these simple yet eye-catching designs below.

Polka Dots

Grab a bobby pin and dot your nails. So easy!


If you don’t want to draw designs, just paint each nail a different shade. You can do a gradient or a mix of primary colors.

French Moon

Choose two complementary colors and get creative with where you place the crescent.

Stripes and Lines

Experiment with different colored stripes and lines!

Easter Eggs

It may not feel like it, but spring is here so why not decorate your nails like Easter eggs? All you need is polish and a black nail pen!

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Stick It On

Paint your nails with a clear coat and stick on some of your favorite stickers.

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Nude Half Moon

Cut a half-moon shape out of tape, then paint your nails nude for a chic look.


You can’t go wrong with cute grapefruits. Use an eyeliner brush to draw precise lines.

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With all of the dramatics from the Refinery29 post last night, i wanted to make this permanent with a feed post..⁣ ⁣ I am so freaking overwhelmed by all of you coming to defend me, my work, my skills, my passion.. like woooooow. All of the DMs I received, I was sobbing because of all of the inspiring words you left for me – I’m STILL trying to get through my inbox! I was NOT expecting any of it. But of course, you outdid your damn selves. Like geeeez. I’m so SO grateful for each and every one of you!⁣ ⁣ These “haters” have no fucking clue what they’re doing to complete strangers on the internet on a daily basis. I had to share – I’ve always been real on here and this was VERY real. Very in the moment. Art is subjective. I know that! I can’t make everyone happy. I also know that! I want to say to all you artists out there – SHARE YOUR ART! Don’t hold back. I’m guilty, it crossed my mind last night to stop posting, to reel in my vulnerability but you know what? If I did that, they win. & we don’t want that, do we?⁣ ⁣ Do you, post what makes you happy, share your work, spread love and be a nice human. ⁣ ⁣ Not everyone is going to understand your art. Not everyone is going to appreciate it. Not everyone is going to see your skill level. SOOOOO… POST THE DAMN PICTURE!⁣ ⁣ I love you all,⁣ Lys. ( #btconeshot2020_nails )

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Smiley Faces

We all could use a reminder to smile! Start with a neutral base and have fun with a variety of colors with the smileys.


Keep it simple with a thin line down the middle of your nail.

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