Is there anything this body oil can’t do? Formulated with the healing, meditative scent of pure lavender essential oil from France, this is your go-to oil for calming both your skin and your senses. Use as a daily moisturizer and to self-massage each morning and evening. Retail: $18


How to Use Your Mullein & Sparrow Oil:

  • Pour a small amount into bathwater for a luxurious spa-like experience. Enjoy the aromatherapy benefits as you soak in lavender and vitamin E.
  • Use as a moisturizer after cleansing your face. Apply a few drops to your palm and rub into your skin and breathe in the lavender.
  • If you have any sore spots from working out, pour a few drops onto your palm and massage into the area with long, circular strokes.
  • After you bathe, apply small drops and rub a drop of oil behind your ears, on your neck, and on the inside of your wrists.

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