Isn’t it strange how even one little hiccup in our day can totally turn off our libido? That annoying co-worker, spilling your coffee or locking your keys in your car can basically make sex obsolete. Stressful days will never end, but you can control the toll they take on you and your sex life through meditation.

While you may have meditated in the past to just help yourself relax, you can also meditate to become more present — in and out of the bedroom. Having sex is always more fun when you’re calm and in a good mood!

Here are some ways that meditation can lead to better orgasms:

Less Stress Leads to Better Sex
When you get home from an insanely stressful day, the last thing that comes to mind is sex. Studies have even shown that women who are too stressed (i.e. high levels of cortisol) literally cannot reach orgasm during sex. According to Ziva Meditaion “meditating moves you out of fight or flight and into stay and play.” This is because your body is producing more dopamine and serotonin.

Being Sleepy Is Not a Turn On
Meditation can help you not only get more sleep, but also a much deeper sleep. So the excuse of “I’m too tired” just won’t cut it anymore. You’ll wake up rested and ready to take on the day… and your partner!

Focus Up!
When we’re having sex, we sometimes may not be enjoying it to the fullest. Sure it feels good, but our minds may be preoccupied with random thoughts instead of actually focusing on the sex itself. When you incorporate meditation into your life, you’ll learn how to focus on your breathing and in turn, check in with what all different parts of your body are feeling. You can even use this technique of focusing on your breathing while you’re having sex. The more present you are, the better.

How to Meditate for a Better Libido
It’s recommended that you start simply. Find a quiet, relaxing space and just think about having sex — it can be with a specific partner or just sex in general. All it takes is a few positive thoughts about sex to really get you in the mood for future bedroom endeavors. And if it doesn’t work at first, that’s totally OK! Meditation will always be a practice and it will get better and easier with time.

xx, The FabFitFun Team