What sparked fitness guru, Katie Austin’s passion for fitness and healthy living? Well, for starters, her mom is Denise Austin (she’s sold 24 million videos and DVDs, no biggie). Katie also played multiple sports growing up, eventually playing D1 college lacrosse. Now she’s helping young women find that same passion…the millennial way!

With 100k followers and counting, Katie is a social media fitness sensation. Her followers look to her for quick and effective workout videos, which include everything from high impact training to pilates and her website GetFitWithKatie.com offers subscribers complete health and fitness plans. So, naturally, we had to bring Katie’s fun workouts and bubbly personality to FabFitFunTV. Not a member yet? Sign up today!

Want to get to know the fitness chick a little better? Read on to learn more about how she stays motivated, her unique workout method, and more.

What inspired you to start a fitness studio/train clients?
I started teaching sorority classes my senior year of college. After so many girls loved my workouts, I started to film them and put them up online so anyone from anywhere could do them!

What makes your workout method unique?
I love combining all different types of fitness! From HIIT, dance cardio, yoga, pilates, etc. You will find a range of it all in my videos!

What are people most surprised about when they first try your workout?
Most people think my workouts are pretty short, only about 15 minutes a video, so when they are sweating like crazy and feel the burn in only a matter of minutes, they get pretty surprised!

What should a first-timer be prepared for when trying your workout?
Don’t be intimidated. Grab a water bottle, some light weights, and just start!

Any client success stories?
I say my biggest client success stories are all about growing confidence. I had girls tell me they lost 20 pounds with my help, but truly nothing makes me feel better than hearing girls feel so so much better. I love when girls grow their self-love through my workouts.

How do you motivate yourself to workout when you’re not in the mood?
Drink a cup of coffee, put on my sports bra, set out a mat, play music, and just start. I usually tell myself at the beginning of the workout: “alright, I’m only going to do 15 minutes” but then when I am 15 minutes in, I’m wanting to do another 15!

How do you think fitness has changed in the digital realm?
It’s changed insanely! So my mom created her fitness empire off of VHS and DVDs! Which now, you just can’t do! I do feel very lucky though that I can easily make workout videos anytime, anywhere. When my mom did workout videos, she needed a crew and set of 30 people. I love just taking my camera out and setting it up on a tripod wherever I am to film a workout. I can post it almost instantly after, and interact with my clients online. Answering questions, taking their opinions, talking to them about it. I love it.

xx, The FabFitFun Team