Feature Image by David Grandmougin

Apple’s latest software upgrade, iOS 14, was just recently released, and it comes with endless options of new and exciting features. For the first time ever, you can now have widgets on your iPhone (similar to Android) and have a free range of home screen design. Here are the five major things you can do with the new iOS 14.

Play Around with Widgets

Having the ability to add widgets to your home screen is by far the coolest new feature on the latest software upgrade. All you have to do is hold down a blank space on your home screen, click the plus sign on the top left, and choose from the multiple widgets available, like calendar or weather, to add to your home screen.

Add a Smart Stack

The Smart Stack dynamically combines a bunch of widgets into one and rotates them throughout the day. So if you don’t have space on your home screen for many different widgets, this fits them all in a clean and compact way.

Create Customized Shortcuts

Keep all your favorite apps easily accessible while also looking aesthetically pleasing. This new feature allows you to customize any app icon (you can change the icon picture and color) to create pretty much any look you want. Check out @holisticrx on Instagram for a full tutorial on how to customize shortcuts for your favorite apps. We are loving the monochromatic look pictured above!

Keep Apps in the App Library

Instead of bombarding your home screen with tons of not so frequently used apps, keep them neatly tucked away in a new App Library. The best part? It automatically organizes your apps into functional folders, saving you a lot of busywork. Just swipe right from your home screen to get started.

Reply Directly to a Specific Message

You can now make inline replies to a specific message in individual conversations or in a group chat. To do so, simply choose the conversation or group chat from your messages, hold down the message you’d like to reply to, and click reply to type your response! If you’re in a group chat, you can then choose to continue the conversation with the group, or separately in a new thread.

xx, The FabFitFun Team