Feature Image by IKEA

With a little help from your friendly neighborhood IKEA, you can now have pet furniture that actually fits the aesthetic of your home.

The furniture store’s latest line (for both cats and dogs) features everything from beds to collars, bowls, and even a scratch mat. The Lurvig collection was inspired by the belief that pets are family and should be treated as such — we couldn’t agree more!

Scroll through some of the items that made us schedule a trip to IKEA ASAP. You can shop the full collection here.

Ikea Lurvig Pet Bed With Pad $37.98
Whether you have a dog or a cat, give your pet the bed it deserves. This adorable bed mimics one of IKEA’s popular bed frames — but in miniature form.

Ikea Lurvig Pet Travel Bag $24.99
Calling all traveling moms, this one’s for you. The travel bag can be folded down for easy storage and has all the necessary compartments for safe travels.

Ikea Lurvig Cat House With Pad $54.98
We love when pet furniture doubles as Pinterest-worthy décor. This cat house is so chic that we’d pick one up even if we didn’t have a pet.

Ikea Lurvig Dispenser With Pet Waste Bags $2.98
Nothing’s worse than when you’re out and about and you forget a waste bag to pick up after your dog. Well, with a sleek dispenser like this, you and your dog will always be taken care of.

Ikea Lurvig Scratching Mat $5.99
Cat moms, rejoice! This mat protects your furniture as your cat sharpens their claws, making it a godsend for both you and your furniture.

Ikea Lurvig Cat/Dog Bed $49.99
Another furniture piece that we can’t get enough of — this mini couch is perfect to plop beside your actual couch so you and your pet can binge-watch some of your favorite shows.

Ikea Lurvig Water Dispenser $7.99
With this water dispenser, you’ll always have a mess-free zone (we’ll take two!).

Ikea Lurvig Cat Bed With Pad $24.98
For just $25, you get a three-in-one deal because you can build the bed in three different ways: as a cozy house with a small opening, as a soft bed with sides and a high back, or as a comfortable nook with medium-high walls.

Ikea Lurvig Play Tunnel for Cat $7.99
Your cat will never be bored again. The tunnel will satisfy your cat’s urge to hide things, while the ball at the end is perfect for when your cat wants to play chase.

Ikea Lurvig Anti-Shock Leash $14.99
If your dog tends to pull on the leash, an anti-shock leash like this one will come in handy. The elastic band reduces some of the strain on the dog’s back, which will also reduce the risk of any injuries.

xx, The FabFitFun Team