We get it. Delving into certain aspects of your sex life will always be difficult — especially when it comes to getting tested. Regardless, discussing this topic with your partner will ultimately benefit both your health and well-being in the long run. We know it can get awk, though, so we rounded up a few tips to help you initiate the conversation.

When to Ask
Communication is the best move you can make in the bedroom. If you want your partner to get tested, talk about it before you get hot and heavy. It’s easy to disregard but if you’re serious about your health, get tested right away so you can do the deed with no worries.

Be Gentle
When talking to your partner, have empathy. Yes, you’re doing the heavy work by bringing it up first but understand this can potentially be weird and uncomfortable for your partner too. Once you get past the initial question, your partner should most likely be cool with getting tested! Just be calm and confident when you approach the subject as it’s a topic that needs to be discussed.

Go Together
Even if you’re in the clear, it’ll help ease the whole situation if you get tested together. And if you haven’t been tested in a while, getting tested is essential for not only your current sexual situation, but also your overall health. Make a day of it and go to lunch or see a movie afterwards. It will make it less intimidating and scary for both of you.

Be the First
After you decide to get tested together, take the initiative to book the appointment. When you get to the doctor’s office and your partner is anxious, get tested first. By doing so, you will show your partner that you care and how easy it is to get tested.

“No” Is Not an Option
If you ask your partner to get tested before having sex and they say “no”, walk away. Yes, getting tested can make a person vulnerable but if your partner cares about you, they will do it. Even if they say they’ve been tested, don’t take this as an excuse. Your partner should be willing to compromise and make sure that you feel comfortable before taking the plunge into a sexual relationship.

Do you have any other tips on approaching this sensitive topic? Let us know in the comments below!

xx, The FabFitFun Team