Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte had it. Monica and Rachel had it. Paris and Nicole didn’t quite have it (we had to say it). Regardless, friendships are always a gift and something to hold on to.

But, let’s face it. As you get older it’s hard to stay in touch with old friends, let alone, keep up with your new friends. So how do you keep friendships in tact and healthy? We are sharing our tips for holding onto those gals (or guys) in your life that are as important to Carrie, Monica, and Rachel.

Be Adaptable
You have to be adaptable to keep your relationships strong. No two people are ever on the same schedule. Unless you live together like Monica and Rachel, you have to adjust to your close friends’ different schedules and maybe even different time zones. Make sure to compromise with your BFF when needed so she knows she’s an important part of your life.

Schedule Time
If you have time to watch hours of Netflix, then you certainly have time to schedule a 45 minute phone call with your bestie. Make the effort to actually set a date and time on the calendar to chat with your beloved friend. It’ll be a great way to catch up and show your friends that you care. Even just one phone call every two months can catch you up on good gossip, your dating lives, and more!

Get Social
We know, we know. This is an obvious tip, but hey — social media is thriving so why not take advantage of it? By simply liking an Instagram or checking in on your BFF’s Facebook page, you can really catch up on what they are doing. Reach out to congratulate your friend on that new job or ask them how their travels are going. Even though you don’t talk on the phone for an hour, you can be intentional in your conversation and show that you care about their life and how they’re doing.

Don’t Expect Too Much
Never expect your friend to always be there for every moment. When you expect too much, it can lead to disappointment and resentment. Similar to how you don’t want to be needy with your boyfriend, don’t be needy with your best friend. Be aware that most people are balancing work, a social life, family matters, and more so it can certainly be challenging for them to be there for every moment.

Be There for the Bad Moments
We all know the fun moments are the best times to be by your best friend’s side like weddings, bachelorette parties, vacations — you name it. However, it is extremely important to be there for her when things are not going so well. Whether she is dealing with a bad breakup, job loss, or family problems, always show your friend that you will stick by her side whether she’s at the lowest or highest point in her life.

Do you have any other tips on how to have long lasting friendships?

xx, The FabFitFun Team