While a little stress in your life is common, at the end of the day, too much stress is a bad thing. Not only can stress cause breakouts, weight gain or weight loss, and issues in the bedroom, but it can also severely affect your mental health.

If you’ve been feeling extra stressed lately from work, personal matters, or relationships, it’s important to take a step back from the issue and put yourself first. Below, we’re sharing five stress-related symptoms that can affect your daily life.

Breakouts are caused by a combination of things – diet, exercise, oils of the skin, and hormones – but they’re also caused by stress. Stress can send your internal signals haywire, causing unwanted breakouts. And what do we do when we break out? Stress even more about it. So try to do something daily that clears your mind and helps you relax.

Weight gain and weight loss
Stress can do some pretty weird stuff to the body, like raising your cortisol levels and causing your hormones to fluctuate. This can make you reach for that salty and not-so-healthy bag of chips. For some, it has the opposite effect and causes unexpected weight loss. Neither are good for the body when caused by stress, so make sure to stick to a regulated and healthy eating plan even in times of stress.

Tension in the body
Have you had neck aches and headaches that only seem to pop up during difficult times? Those are likely tension headaches caused by stress, as your muscles are contracting due to emotional pressure. Therefore, it’s important to balance stressors in your life and not let them get the best of you.

Issues in the bedroom
Stress can affect both women and men when it comes to getting intimate. Stress can cause a low sex drive and a dip in the libido, which might create issues between partners. So try taking measures to create a stress-free and safe environment for both yourself and for your partner.

Mood swings
Mood swings and irritability are common symptoms of stress. If you feel snappy or quick to get angry at something or someone, it’s important to make time for self-care, whether it be taking a walk, soaking in a bubble bath, or hanging out with friends.

xx, The FabFitFun Team