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As you give your home a fresh spring clean, take the opportunity to recognize all those cabinets and closets that have gotten out of hand over the past year.

Now with the help of some handy dandy products we discovered on TikTok, you won’t have to get rid of all the things you love! You can truly enjoy a beautiful, orderly space with bidding ado to the things you love. From adjustable drawer dividers to wicker baskets that sit perfectly in stairs, we rounded up some goodies that are beloved on TikTok.

The Lakeside Collection Plastic Bag Dispenser Basket $10

Stop letting your plastic grocery bags pile up under the sink and just stuff them into this chic basket. Not only does it look great, but it conveniently hangs on the back of the door for true ease.

Highland Dunes Wicker Storage Stair Basket With Handles $35.45

This wicker must-have tucks in so easily to the layout of your home that you won’t even notice that it is storage. Not to mention, it looks great along a stairwell and makes it easy to transport items back to their original location.

Ikea Variera Pot Lid Organizer $8

Easily adjustable for any drawer or cabinet, this expandable stainless steel rack will keep the lids to your pots and pans in better shape than they’ve ever been in.

Command Broom and Mop Gripper $14.69

Instead of leaving your mops and brooms on the floor, which takes up valuable closet space, use these wall grippers to keep them off the ground for true airing-out potential.

Lipper Bamboo Dresser Drawer Dividers $20

The best way to keep your clothes drawers in order is with dividers — at least that’s what TikTok says! These adjustable bamboo ones are as functional as they are pretty.

Spice Rack Kitchen Cabinet Organizer $20

There are so many different ways to store your spices, but the quickest, simplest way that TikTok taught us is with a tiered shelf. Not only does it look great, but it also allows you to read all the labels without having to readjust.

iDesign Linus Fridge Starter Kit $164.88

This set may be on the pricier end, but it’s a total gamechanger. All the top TikTok home influencers keep their fridges stocked with these clear containers. Between the sealable cartons, the egg trays, and soda organizers, your fridge will glow with pride every time you open the door.

xx, The FabFitFun Team